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Mallun Yen

 Mallun Yen, who was a member of the  2016 Board Institute Class, was elected to the Board of RPX Corporation in April of 2017. RPX Corporation (NASDAQ: RPXC), is a public company that is a leading provider of patent risk and discovery management solutions. Ms. Yen, currently the Company’s Executive Vice President, will continue to serve in that role through September 1, 2017.

“Mallun’s contributions to the Company date back to when she worked with the founding team to launch RPX,” said Marty Roberts, Chief Executive Officer and President of RPX. “From these early days, she has championed the RPX mission to bring transparency, efficiency, and rationality to patent transactions through industry innovation. I am pleased that she will remain engaged with our business through service on our Board.”

“We’re delighted that Mallun has joined the Board of Directors,” said RPX Chairman of the Board, Shelby Bonnie. “She has been integral to the Company’s success from inception. This experience, combined with her leadership in the patent industry and devotion to the organization’s mission are invaluable assets.”

Prior to RPX, Ms. Yen spent eight years at Cisco where, as Vice President of Worldwide Intellectual Property and Deputy General Counsel, she built and led the teams responsible for protection of the intellectual property embedded in Cisco’s technology, products, and innovation globally. She is also a board member of KQED, Northern California’s public media organization, and a board member, co-founder, and chief executive officer of ChIPs, a nonprofit with over 1,500 members dedicated to accelerating innovation in technology, law, and policy by increasing diversity of thought, participation, and engagement.

“I have been a believer in RPX since the very beginning, and I’m proud of how far we’ve come in these nearly 10 years,” Ms. Yen said. “Through the good work of everyone at RPX and the support of our clients, we’ve helped our more than 350 clients avoid more than 4,000 litigations and save nearly $3.5 billion. Now as a board member, I’m pleased to continue to advocate for greater transparency in the patent marketplace and to guide RPX as it leverages its great success through new opportunities.”

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